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Digital Marketing is a combination of multiple interconnected ways to promote your brand and services:  your website, how the search engines find your website, how you reach out to your audience via email, social media, blogs, videos. You don’t always have the resources to do it all so let’s see what works best for your business and start from there.

The power of the digital world is that you have access to all the data behind every click you customers make, so you can adjust your message and your strategy for each customers groups/segment and work in a more targeted way. This way you end up understanding your customers better and reaching out to new one in a more effective way.



Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your business online visibility on the search engine result pages. It is a long-term investment that combines both creativity and technical skills that will improve your rankings and drive traffic to your website by users looking for your products and services.

Logo & Brand Identity

We design or redesign your logo as well as flyers, packaging, business card and banners with a reflection of how your customers experience your company.

Web Design

Your website is the first stop for anyone interested in your products and services. We design and build WordPress websites to present your business in a way that grabs the user’s attention and gives an effective user experience.

Social Media

We work with you to plan and produce the best curated graphics, content and strategies to engage with your audience. You may even choose to run an advertising campaign with your most engaging content. We help you target that campaign to the right audience.

Video Production

Nothing speaks louder than a video that showcases your products and services, who you are, behinds the scenes. We produce and edit short and long footage with your choice of music.

Google Tools

We use incredible tools to monitor your progresses on your website conversions, your social media progress and other digital channels. The collected data helps your business implement a strategy and adjust it to make sure it is effective to attract more traffic to your site, improve the click through and conversion rate.
The ultimate goal is to create success for your brand online

your team

We are a team combining graphic, visual and marketing skills and experience. Our goal is to take you on the digital journey and show you how it works. Our philosophy is to work hand in hand and in full transparency. There are no long-term obligation or locked contract with us. We always like to start with a six month term for you to see the evolution and progress but in the end, if you are not satisfied with the services we provide, it is fine to leave. But if you are happy to give it a try, let’s start with the resources you have on a medium to long-term digital journey.
Paula Evans

Paula Evans

Graphic Designer

Donatienne Bailleux

Donatienne Bailleux

Digital Strategy

Monia Allegre

Monia Allegre

Visual Media

our Work

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